REnewable FunctIoNal matErial – Training material scientists for a sustainable polymer industry

REFINE will develop new skills and expertise in sustainable green materials manufacturing and technologies and applications. It builds upon the success of our FP6 RTN BIOMADE and the unique combination of knowledge along the production chain in polymer and materials science, biotechnology and applications, ecological impact and Life Cycle Analysis. Conveying these skills and expertise to twelve early stage researchers and four experienced researchers is its core objective.

REFINE will develop a green technology, which can directly be validated and integrated by industry and thus lead towards a greener and more sustainable society.



Registration for the SUSPOL Summer School is now open

The registration is now open for the SUSPOL Summer School "Polymers for a Sustainable World" in San Sebastian, Spain from 24-27 June 2014. Please click here to get registered. Third registrations and speakers should complete this registration form. The general registration form is available here