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Progress Meeting in Maastricht

REFINE Partner DSM hosted the most recent REFINE Progress Meeting in Maastricht, from 20-23 May 2014. The meeting was made up of two training sessions for the ESRs and ERs, the Progress Meeting and a bus tour of the DSM industrial facilities.

It also included two training sessions by REFINE partners EPEA on the Cradle-to-Cradle approach and a DSM Intellectual Property workshop. This was the first meeting in which all recruited ESRs and ERs participated. It was exciting to see the progress that everybody made individually but most importantly there was a real spirit of REFINE as a vehicle for collaborations and personal links. Joint projects between two or more partners and exchange of fellows were enthusiastically discussed during the breaks.

One social highlight was the group barbeque overlooking Maastricht. This meeting also brought some personnel changes, with Christian Sinn taking over as the EPEA contact from Lucia Staude, who is on maternity leave. The next meeting will be held in Vienna and we are looking forward to seeing all of you in Austria.