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Overview conferences

Biotrans takes place every two years in Europe with attendance of 500-600 participants from academia and industry, focusing on applied and fundamental aspects of biocatalysis.


Coating Science International is intended for researchers and research managers, active in the field of Science and Technology of Coatings both from industry and academia. Polymer, material and paint chemists, as well as surface and interface scientists, formulators, designers and industry policy makers will find in this conference a broad platform for combining and exchanging the latest developments of their disciplines.



Proceedings of Dutch Polymer Days is a partnership between the polymer technology groups from the universities of Delft, Eindhoven, Groningen, Leiden, Twente and Wageningen and TNO Industry. It is a yearly event.



Pacific Polymer Conference brings together polymer scientists from the Pacific region and from other parts of the world to discuss and exchange recent advances in polymer science, in polymer technology, and the application of polymers.